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How to properly care for clothes of delicate fabrics?

If wool, cashmere or silk are indicated in the composition of your clothes, you need to take the washing of these things with great attention, since they need special care.
Of course, the best option for washing things of delicate fabrics is hand washing, but we all understand that with the advent of washing machines, most people try to avoid washing things by hand to save their own time and effort.
Things made of wool, silk or cashmere can be washed in the washing machine, but subject to certain rules:

Choose the right washing mode:
For washing things out of delicate fabrics, the best modes are “hand washing” or “delicate mode”, some washing machines have the “wool” mode.

Set the right temperature for washing:
Do not wash things out of delicate fabrics at temperatures above 40 ° C (we recommend checking the temperature for washing with the one indicated on the labels of your things)

Do not set rinsing and wringing
Do not rub the thing if a stain has formed on it.
Do not put wringing and rinse on the washing machine before start.

Use the right washing detergent
Any detergents are suitable for washing things made of wool, but it is best to use liquid ones, since they are softer in their effect than powder products, and they are also better rinsed out of fibers. We recommend using special household chemicals for washing products made of delicate fabrics, as it not only fights dirt, but also protects the fibers from damage and restores them from the inside. Wellery Delicate Wool was specially developed for washing things made of wool, silk and cashmere. The composition of the product does not contain aggressive components and helps to preserve the shape of the products.

In addition to quality proper washing, an equally important factor for preserving things out of delicate fabrics is their drying.
What is prohibited to do while wool thing is drying is to wring it out since it can destroy its structure and form. It is better to use a horizontal surface and carefully lay out the product. You can additionally use a thick terry towel, wrapping the washed things in it, the towel will absorb the remaining moisture and speed up the drying process.

Mohair jackets after washing can be dried at room temperature, but only on a horizontal surface and in a straightened form, without direct sunlight.

How to iron things of wool?
After the correct drying, the ironing may not be needed. But if it is still necessary, we recommend using an iron with a high-quality Teflon sole, or purchase it in addition to your device. They will not scorch the wool and will not allow the fibers to be lustrous. You need to iron from the inside out, steaming, on the wool mode. If it is not there, it is worth choosing the temperature according to the care recommendations on the clothing label.