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Method of application of liquid dishwashing detergents in the dishwasher.

Now there are several products on the market that are designed for washing dishes in a dishwasher – powder, tablets and gel. At the moment, tablets are the most popular means for washing dishes in dishwashers and how to use them does not cause any questions, however, in this regard, many have another question: "How to use liquid products?" We explain.

Advantages of using liquid detergents for automatic dish washing

One of the main advantages of the gel for washing dishes in the dishwasher is the ability to dose the product depending on the contamination of the dishes and the loading of the dishwasher. Thus, the gel consumption is much less, which makes the product a more economical option for automatic dish washing. In addition, the washing gel has a mild effect on the dishes – it dissolves quickly in water, does not scratch the dishes, while coping perfectly with even the most difficult dirt.

It is better to use the dishwashing gel together with a rinse aid. The rinse aid is needed in order to improve the quality of washing, namely, it enhances the effect of detergent, helps to wash off stains, promotes its rapid and complete drying.

But how to use them? We tell you.

  1. Open the door of the dishwasher chamber
  2. Find the dispenser in which the detergent is placed (most often a tablet for dishwasher is placed in the same compartment)
  3. Familiarize yourself with the dosage that is indicated on your detergent
  4. Pour the required amount of detergent into a special compartment and close it
  5. Find a special hole for the rinse aid. It is usually round shaped and located near the detergent compartment.
  6. Open / unscrew it, fill in the rinse aid (having read the dosage in advance) and close it, then load the dishwasher as usual
  7. Select the program to run
  8. We close the camera door and go about our business.